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Kaylene Scholl Henderson MA, BCCLC

Author, Trainer, Board Certified Christian Life Coach, consultant

Kaylene is excited to announce that she is graduate of BLAST mentorship program with Shannon Ethridge.  Kaylene's goal is to have her book proposal, 'When trauma comes to church'  submitted for professional review (2017-2018)

  Publications for purchase

Kaylene has several published materials to help parents and professionals maintain

consistency and documentation regulations while maneuvering through the systems

of care for children.  Find ordering information in the shopping cart


A Mothers Letter

This Book was written by Kaylene S Henderson and Illustrated by her daughter Kylee (c) 2012

This book is a gift to be given to an adopted child by their adoptive parent.  

A place in the back of the book is provided for your  own letter to be written

to your  " Child of Choice"

A Mothers Letter

Our dreams may seem surreal, Entangling what we thought was

genuine clouding our vision with tears,

as splashes of emotion explode in fireworks

of color. 

Life takes us on twists and turns

Causing us to drop, That which we reach for. 

Our face leans to the right or to the left trying to gain some balance

But God's roadmap the Bible will help set your face straight

If you keep your eyes on the Son. 

After the trials bring the death of winter

Color bursts forth into new meaning. So, Shine your colors bright. 

To do this self portrait you must know what YOU look like.

This combines those life experiences and belief systems

of what your life has caused you to become...


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Formal Black linen hardback 8x10   10-two sided pages  $28 plus shipping

White paperback 5x7  10- two sided pages  $12 plus shipping

Child Portfolio Guide- Coming soon in phone app form

This 40+ page manual is designed to assist parents/guardians maneuver through the systems of care.  This comprehensive outline is strictly for the use of filing, communicating factual information from past evaluations and/or documents from certified and licensed professionals.  It may also serve as a tool for advocating factual information to assist professionals in their decision making based on concrete information.  This tool for parents and service providers will help document and observe patterns of behaviors and service needs.

The content of information is not intended to diagnose, prevent, treat, or cure any disability or disease.

The categories addressed in this manual include:

I.  Personal information including Primary care giver, specialty providers, medical conditions, current medicine, dental care info, eye care info, medical insurance contact info, community service involvement info.

II.  Medical mental health information which addresses medication reporting logs, psychological/psychiatric evaluations, specialty clinic reports and treatment needs, hospitalization summaries and medical testing reports.

III.  System of care support information which includes general resource information, outpatient service, wrap a round services, treatment plans, behaviors charts, foster parent monthly reporting, advance directives for police involvement, custody orders, filing for consistency in "group/team" approach services.

IV.  Placement agency information which includes Individual service plans, birth records, past medical information, early intervention services, birth family medical history information.  Child portfolio for adoption home study.

V.  Legal information section to file court summaries, any legal agreements that concern the child, adoption files, correspondence, juvenile justice involvement tracking

VI.  School information, IEP, testings, assessments, placement testing, specialized services, report cards, Teacher/school contact information

VII.  Articles of interest that pertain to the specific child

This portfolio Guide is available.  For ordering information please use the "contact us" section on this site

Pricing Info:  $27 + shipping includes 44 page ring binding booklet and an email of book for completion of personal information.  For an email version only $15

Parenting From A Distance

Is a 50 page manual in a ring binder that walks through the different components of a child being in out-of-home placement.  

Content includes; choosing a facility, getting prepared physcially, emotionally, financially,  intake tip, filing & record keeping, boundary setting, parent rights and responsibilities, program rights & responsibilities, team communication, Milieu, family therapy, visitation, medical issues, school issues and additional services.

Additional training is available to utilize this tool.  The manual costs $ 37 which includes the hard copy manual and an email version of the book.  An email version alone is $15.  Please let me know of your order through the contact page.

I Am Your Mother, You Are My Child

IT IS FINISHED.  An elegant beige linen hard cover protects the 20 page book of poems and original art work that will capture the heart of any (foster/adoptive) mother.  Makes a great gift.  This book sells for $28 plus shipping. Order through my contact link.

Greeting cards

There are currently 12 greeting cards specifically focused on foster and adoption parenting.  To be uploaded soon.