Carousel Project LLC

Crisis Prevention, Trauma and Disaster Information: Training, Supports and Materials


Kaylene Scholl Henderson MA, BCCLC

Author, Trainer, Board Certified Christian Life Coach, consultant

Carousel Project Goals/ Objectives

Goals & Objectives









Goal Outcomes


To collaborate within systems of care for enhancement in existing programs... 

To model family health through building positive boundaries, nurture, trust, attachment and attunement within the family stucture.

To encourage and equip parents through supportive services for FAMILY preservation.

Promote lifestyle choices that encourage strong emotional, mental, spiritual and moral character through modeling lifestyle practices and disciplines.

We endeavor to promote recovery with sustaining healing through identifying the root trauma, bring truth into perspective and recognize the power of forgiveness. 

Seeks to be a referral and resource connector for families that deal with trauma and attachment issues


A heart and mind transformation as a means of behavioral modification. 

  • Strong Family structures 
  • Stonger Community
  • Productive Individuals
  • Dispel Isolation